Monday, 29 March 2010

Shoot Experience London Treasure Hunt

I had such a fun day yesterday.  Some photography/scrapbooking friends went on a Shoot Experience Treasure Hunt around London.  We started off meeting at Embankment. It took us to 7 points around London, the first being the Haywards Gallery at the South Bank, where we also found an amazing chocolate fair and had a mess about at the graffiti-walled skate park. That had to be the best part of the day for me.  However it was so nice spending time with like-minded friends, some who I've not seen for some time.  The weather was good (no rain!) and we even got some sun for a while.  We also covered St Paul's, the Millenium Bridge, Gabriel's Wharf, Guildhall Museum & Ampitheatre, the Golden Hinde and Lincolns Inn Fields.  We covered about 10 miles in the 5 hours that we were walking and we hope to do another one or something similar again.  Here's a rather large montage of the day.  There were so many lovely photos that we all took, I'll have good scrapping material for some time to come.

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