Friday, 23 July 2010

Wow. It's a winning week for me!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who took time out to take part in Week 3, please can I have a great big-up to Jude, who's the challenge winner. This layout is fabulous on so many levels; the colours, the embellishment layout and, of course, that super cute photo! Awesome Jude, awesome!
Jude, please can you email me at if you fancy taking part in Week 5 :)"
Thanks Paper Proposals.
Also just found out yesterday that my son won a competition that I entered him for us to go to a private screening of Nicolas Cage's new film "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", then travel to Barcelona for 3 days to interview the cast and crew as part of the press junkit (5 minutes alone with Nicolas Cage shouldn't be scoffed at!) followed by free entry to a theme park near our hotelIt's all so, so exciting!!!

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angie said...

Oh wow Jude- congrats to you for both! What a week eh? Barcelona sounds fab! x